• Kody Boye

Special offer for large commissions!

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well today!

I have a special offer for those of you who are looking to commission large quantities of work.

If you are a customer who wants to order over $1000 dollars of services, I will throw in a free publishing consultation (either by phone, Facebook messenger or Skype,) free graphic design work (such as 3D mockups of your covers for sale or promotional purposes,) AND give you free access to my writing workshops, which are scheduled to be released on Udemy sometime in February!

Why am I offering this, you ask?

I want to upgrade my business by purchasing an iMac Desktop Computer + the Vellum book formatting software. This will allow me to create STUNNING eBooks, and make the paperback formatting process much simpler for me.

So... if you're interested in potentially working with me on a large project (AKA: content editing for two or three books + formatting for paperback and eBook for each of them,) hit me up by clicking or tapping on this string of text (or by visiting any of the pages on my website and filling out the contact form.)

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